I have been operating a landscape company for 25 years. That is a long duration to develop improper bookkeeping and accounting practices!  Any business owner knows that the stress from the end of the day paperwork can be overwhelming. I hired Scott Alving from It Figures Finance a few years ago to assist me in keeping the weekly bookkeeping in order and eliminate that stress. Scott developed a system that kept me in the field doing what I do best. Scott also set systematic procedures in place to start the eradication of those improper practices and today the business bookkeeping and taxes is something that I don’t have to worry about. Scott is a tremendous asset to the success of my company.

Jim BoydStow, MABoyd Landscaping

Scott has been organizing my QuickBooks for over three years. He is reliable, thorough and will go the ‘extra mile’ to help you when needed. He helps me keep my sanity and works with my accountant to make sure I am well prepared for April 15th.

All the Best, “Dr. SethActon, MA”

Many thanks for your quick wit and tenacious oversight of our finances. You are a prime asset to TMM.

Nancy Goedecke Hudson, MA

Thanks you for all your help. You have made this “business stuff” so much easier

Roger, David and Nicolle Paquette Hudson, MA